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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
m68hc11.h File Reference
#include "elf/reloc-macros.h"
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#define EF_M68HC11_ABI   0x00000000F
#define E_M68HC11_I32   0x000000001
#define E_M68HC11_F64   0x000000002
#define E_M68HC12_BANKS   0x000000004
#define EF_M68HC11_MACH_MASK   0xF0
#define EF_M68HC11_GENERIC   0x00 /* Generic 68HC12/backward compatibility. */
#define EF_M68HC12_MACH   0x10 /* 68HC12 microcontroller. */
#define EF_M68HCS12_MACH   0x20 /* 68HCS12 microcontroller. */
#define EF_M68HC11_MACH(mach)   ((mach) & EF_M68HC11_MACH_MASK)
#define EF_M68HC11_CAN_MERGE_MACH(mach1, mach2)
#define EF_M68HC11_MERGE_MACH(mach1, mach2)
#define STO_M68HC12_FAR   0x80
#define STO_M68HC12_INTERRUPT   0x40

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#define E_M68HC11_F64   0x000000002

Definition at line 62 of file m68hc11.h.

#define E_M68HC11_I32   0x000000001

Definition at line 59 of file m68hc11.h.

#define E_M68HC12_BANKS   0x000000004

Definition at line 65 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_ABI   0x00000000F

Definition at line 56 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_CAN_MERGE_MACH (   mach1,
((EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach1) == EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach2)) \
   || (EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach1) == EF_M68HC11_GENERIC) \
   || (EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach2) == EF_M68HC11_GENERIC))

Definition at line 75 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_GENERIC   0x00 /* Generic 68HC12/backward compatibility. */

Definition at line 68 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_MACH (   mach)    ((mach) & EF_M68HC11_MACH_MASK)

Definition at line 71 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_MACH_MASK   0xF0

Definition at line 67 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC11_MERGE_MACH (   mach1,
(((EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach1) == EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach2)) \
    || (EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach1) == EF_M68HC11_GENERIC)) ? \
      EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach2) : EF_M68HC11_MACH (mach1))

Definition at line 80 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HC12_MACH   0x10 /* 68HC12 microcontroller. */

Definition at line 69 of file m68hc11.h.

#define EF_M68HCS12_MACH   0x20 /* 68HCS12 microcontroller. */

Definition at line 70 of file m68hc11.h.

#define STO_M68HC12_FAR   0x80

Definition at line 89 of file m68hc11.h.

#define STO_M68HC12_INTERRUPT   0x40

Definition at line 93 of file m68hc11.h.