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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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bout.h File Reference
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struct  external_exec
struct  nlist
struct  relocation_info
union  nlist.n_un


#define BMAGIC   0415
#define OMAGIC   0407 /* old impure format */
#define NMAGIC   0410 /* read-only text */
#define ZMAGIC   0413 /* demand load format */
#define EXEC_BYTES_SIZE   (sizeof (struct external_exec))
#define N_BADMAG(x)   (((x).a_info)!=BMAGIC)
#define N_DATOFF(x)   ( N_TXTOFF(x) + (x).a_text )
#define N_TROFF(x)   ( N_DATOFF(x) + (x).a_data )
#define N_DROFF(x)   ( N_TROFF(x) + (x).a_trsize )
#define N_SYMOFF(x)   ( N_DROFF(x) + (x).a_drsize )
#define N_STROFF(x)   ( N_SYMOFF(x) + (x).a_syms )
#define N_DATADDR(x)   ( (x).a_dload )
#define N_TXTADDR(x)   0
#define N_UNDF   0 /* Undefined symbol */
#define N_ABS   2 /* Absolute symbol */
#define N_TEXT   4 /* Text symbol */
#define N_DATA   6 /* Data symbol */
#define N_BSS   8 /* BSS symbol */
#define N_FN   31 /* Filename symbol */
#define N_EXT   1 /* External symbol (OR'd in with one of above) */
#define N_TYPE   036 /* Mask for all the type bits */
#define N_STAB   0340 /* Mask for all bits used for SDB entries */
#define N_CALLNAME   ((char)-1)
#define N_BALNAME   ((char)-2)
#define IS_CALLNAME(x)   (N_CALLNAME == (x))
#define IS_BALNAME(x)   (N_BALNAME == (x))
#define IS_OTHER(x)   ((x)>0 && (x) <=32)
#define b_out_relocation_info   relocation_info
#define r_index   r_symbolnum

Class Documentation

struct external_exec

Definition at line 28 of file adobe.h.

Class Members
unsigned char e_balign
bfd_byte e_bss
unsigned char e_bss
unsigned char e_dalign
bfd_byte e_data
unsigned char e_data
unsigned char e_dload
bfd_byte e_drsize
unsigned char e_drsize
bfd_byte e_entry
unsigned char e_entry
bfd_byte e_info
unsigned char e_info
unsigned char e_relaxable
bfd_byte e_syms
unsigned char e_syms
unsigned char e_talign
bfd_byte e_text
unsigned char e_text
unsigned char e_tload
bfd_byte e_trsize
unsigned char e_trsize
struct nlist

Definition at line 221 of file aout_gnu.h.

Class Members
short n_desc
char n_other
unsigned char n_type
union nlist n_un
union nlist n_un
unsigned long n_value
struct relocation_info

Definition at line 412 of file aout_gnu.h.

Class Members
r_symbolnum __pad0__:24
unsigned nuthin:1
int r_address
unsigned int r_baserel:1
unsigned r_bsr:1
r_symbolnum r_bsr:1
unsigned r_callj:1
r_symbolnum r_callj:1
unsigned r_disp:1
r_symbolnum r_disp:1
unsigned r_extern:1
r_symbolnum r_extern:1
unsigned int r_extern:1
unsigned r_index:24
unsigned int r_jmptable:1
unsigned r_length:2
r_symbolnum r_length:2
unsigned int r_length:2
unsigned int r_pad:1
unsigned r_pcrel:1
r_symbolnum r_pcrel:1
unsigned int r_pcrel:1
unsigned int r_relative:1
r_symbolnum r_relaxable:1
unsigned int r_symbolnum:24
union nlist.n_un

Definition at line 108 of file bout.h.

Class Members
char * n_name
struct nlist * n_next
long n_strx

Define Documentation

Definition at line 168 of file bout.h.

#define BMAGIC   0415

Definition at line 52 of file bout.h.

#define EXEC_BYTES_SIZE   (sizeof (struct external_exec))

Definition at line 85 of file bout.h.

#define IS_BALNAME (   x)    (N_BALNAME == (x))

Definition at line 165 of file bout.h.

#define IS_CALLNAME (   x)    (N_CALLNAME == (x))

Definition at line 164 of file bout.h.

#define IS_OTHER (   x)    ((x)>0 && (x) <=32)

Definition at line 166 of file bout.h.

#define N_ABS   2 /* Absolute symbol */

Definition at line 124 of file bout.h.

#define N_BADMAG (   x)    (((x).a_info)!=BMAGIC)

Definition at line 89 of file bout.h.

#define N_BALNAME   ((char)-2)

Definition at line 163 of file bout.h.

#define N_BSS   8 /* BSS symbol */

Definition at line 127 of file bout.h.

#define N_CALLNAME   ((char)-1)

Definition at line 162 of file bout.h.

#define N_DATA   6 /* Data symbol */

Definition at line 126 of file bout.h.

#define N_DATADDR (   x)    ( (x).a_dload )

Definition at line 98 of file bout.h.

#define N_DATOFF (   x)    ( N_TXTOFF(x) + (x).a_text )

Definition at line 91 of file bout.h.


Definition at line 95 of file bout.h.

#define N_DROFF (   x)    ( N_TROFF(x) + (x).a_trsize )

Definition at line 94 of file bout.h.

#define N_EXT   1 /* External symbol (OR'd in with one of above) */

Definition at line 130 of file bout.h.

#define N_FN   31 /* Filename symbol */

Definition at line 128 of file bout.h.

#define N_STAB   0340 /* Mask for all bits used for SDB entries */

Definition at line 132 of file bout.h.

#define N_STROFF (   x)    ( N_SYMOFF(x) + (x).a_syms )

Definition at line 97 of file bout.h.

#define N_SYMOFF (   x)    ( N_DROFF(x) + (x).a_drsize )

Definition at line 96 of file bout.h.

#define N_TEXT   4 /* Text symbol */

Definition at line 125 of file bout.h.


Definition at line 93 of file bout.h.

#define N_TROFF (   x)    ( N_DATOFF(x) + (x).a_data )

Definition at line 92 of file bout.h.

#define N_TXTADDR (   x)    0

Definition at line 102 of file bout.h.

#define N_TXTOFF (   x)    EXEC_BYTES_SIZE

Definition at line 90 of file bout.h.

#define N_TYPE   036 /* Mask for all the type bits */

Definition at line 131 of file bout.h.

#define N_UNDF   0 /* Undefined symbol */

Definition at line 123 of file bout.h.

#define NMAGIC   0410 /* read-only text */

Definition at line 56 of file bout.h.

#define OMAGIC   0407 /* old impure format */

Definition at line 55 of file bout.h.

#define r_index   r_symbolnum

Definition at line 173 of file bout.h.

#define ZMAGIC   0413 /* demand load format */

Definition at line 57 of file bout.h.