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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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00001 #source: gotrel1.s
00002 #as: --pic --underscore --em=criself
00003 #ld: -m crislinux -shared
00004 #objdump: -dr
00005 #error: ^[^c][^h][^i][^l][^d].* uses _-prefixed .* failed to merge .* no GOT .* Bad value$
00007 # The error regex above is supposed to not match if we get a
00008 # SEGV, in which case we'll see "child killed: segmentation
00009 # violation", supposedly at the beginning (seen) or end (in
00010 # theory) of it.  The input ELF type (with underscores on
00011 # symbols) mismatches the output type (no underscores).