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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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ar.h File Reference
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struct  ar_hdr


#define ARMAG   "!<arch>\012" /* For COFF and a.out archives */
#define ARMAGB   "!<bout>\012" /* For b.out archives */
#define SARMAG   8
#define ARFMAG   "`\012"
#define ARMAP_TIME_OFFSET   60

Class Documentation

struct ar_hdr

Definition at line 42 of file ar.h.

Class Members
char ar_date
char ar_fmag
char ar_gid
char ar_mode
char ar_name
char ar_size
char ar_uid

Define Documentation

#define ARFMAG   "`\012"

Definition at line 32 of file ar.h.

#define ARMAG   "!<arch>\012" /* For COFF and a.out archives */

Definition at line 29 of file ar.h.

#define ARMAGB   "!<bout>\012" /* For b.out archives */

Definition at line 30 of file ar.h.

#define ARMAP_TIME_OFFSET   60

Definition at line 40 of file ar.h.

#define SARMAG   8

Definition at line 31 of file ar.h.