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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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apollo.h File Reference
#include "coff/external.h"
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struct  AOUTHDR
struct  external_reloc


#define L_LNNO_SIZE   2
#define MC68MAGIC   0520
#define MC68KWRMAGIC   0520 /* writeable text segments */
#define MC68TVMAGIC   0521
#define MC68KROMAGIC   0521 /* readonly shareable text segments */
#define MC68KPGMAGIC   0522 /* demand paged text segments */
#define M68MAGIC   0210
#define M68TVMAGIC   0211
#define APOLLOM68KMAGIC   0627
#define OMAGIC   M68MAGIC
#define M68KBADMAG(x)
#define APOLLO_COFF_VERSION_NUMBER   1 /* the value of the aouthdr magic */
#define AOUTHDRSZ   44
#define AOUTSZ   44
#define s_zeroes   section_name.s_name
#define s_offset   (section_name.s_name+4)
#define _TV   ".tv"
#define _INIT   ".init"
#define _FINI   ".fini"
#define _LINES   ".lines"
#define _BLOCKS   ".blocks"
#define _SRI
#define _MIR   ".mir" /* Module Information Records */
#define _APTV   ".aptv" /* Apollo-style transfer vectors. */
#define _INLIB   ".inlib" /* Shared Library information */
#define _RWDI
#define _UNWIND   ".unwind" /* Stack unwind information */
#define RELOC   struct external_reloc
#define RELSZ   10
#define STYP_DEBUG   0x00020000 /* debug section */
#define STYP_OVERLAY   0x00040000 /* Section is overlayed */
#define STYP_INSTRUCTION   0x00200000 /* Section contains executable code */
#define STYP_ZERO   0x00800000 /* Section is initialized to zero */
#define STYP_INSTALLED   0x02000000 /* Section should be installable in KGT */
#define STYP_LOOK_INSTALLED   0x04000000 /* Look for section in KGT */
#define STYP_SECALIGN1   0x08000000 /* Specially aligned section */
#define STYP_SECALIGN2   0x10000000 /* " " " */

Class Documentation

struct AOUTHDR

Definition at line 44 of file apollo.h.

Class Members
unsigned char bsize
char bsize
unsigned char data_start
char data_start
unsigned char dsize
char dsize
unsigned char entry
char entry
unsigned char magic
char magic
unsigned char o_algndata
unsigned char o_algntext
unsigned char o_cputype
unsigned char o_debugger
char o_inlib
unsigned char o_maxdata
unsigned char o_maxstack
unsigned char o_modtype
unsigned char o_resv2
unsigned char o_resv3
unsigned char o_snbss
unsigned char o_sndata
unsigned char o_snentry
unsigned char o_snloader
unsigned char o_sntext
unsigned char o_sntoc
char o_sri
unsigned char o_toc
char tagentries
unsigned char text_start
char text_start
unsigned char tsize
char tsize
char vid
unsigned char vstamp
char vstamp
struct external_reloc

Definition at line 95 of file alpha.h.

Class Members
char pad
unsigned char r_bits
char r_offset
char r_reserved
char r_size
char r_spare
char r_stuff
char r_symndx
unsigned char r_symndx
char r_type
char r_vaddr
unsigned char r_vaddr

Define Documentation

#define _APTV   ".aptv" /* Apollo-style transfer vectors. */

Definition at line 81 of file apollo.h.

#define _BLOCKS   ".blocks"

Definition at line 78 of file apollo.h.

#define _FINI   ".fini"

Definition at line 76 of file apollo.h.

#define _INIT   ".init"

Definition at line 75 of file apollo.h.

#define _INLIB   ".inlib" /* Shared Library information */

Definition at line 82 of file apollo.h.

#define _LINES   ".lines"

Definition at line 77 of file apollo.h.

#define _MIR   ".mir" /* Module Information Records */

Definition at line 80 of file apollo.h.

#define _RWDI
".rwdi"         /* Read/write data initialization directives for
 compressed sections */

Definition at line 83 of file apollo.h.

#define _SRI
".sri"                  /* Static Resource Information (systype,
 et al.) */

Definition at line 79 of file apollo.h.

#define _TV   ".tv"

Definition at line 74 of file apollo.h.

#define _UNWIND   ".unwind" /* Stack unwind information */

Definition at line 84 of file apollo.h.

#define AOUTHDRSZ   44

Definition at line 61 of file apollo.h.

#define AOUTSZ   44

Definition at line 62 of file apollo.h.

#define APOLLO_COFF_VERSION_NUMBER   1 /* the value of the aouthdr magic */

Definition at line 60 of file apollo.h.

#define APOLLOM68KMAGIC   0627

Definition at line 35 of file apollo.h.

Definition at line 19 of file apollo.h.

#define L_LNNO_SIZE   2

Definition at line 20 of file apollo.h.

#define M68KBADMAG (   x)
(((x).f_magic!=MC68MAGIC) && ((x).f_magic!=MC68KWRMAGIC) && ((x).f_magic!=MC68TVMAGIC) && \
  ((x).f_magic!=MC68KROMAGIC) && ((x).f_magic!=MC68KPGMAGIC) && ((x).f_magic!=M68MAGIC) && ((x).f_magic!=M68TVMAGIC)  && \
  ((x).f_magic!=APOLLOM68KMAGIC) )

Definition at line 38 of file apollo.h.

#define M68MAGIC   0210

Definition at line 29 of file apollo.h.

#define M68TVMAGIC   0211

Definition at line 30 of file apollo.h.

#define MC68KPGMAGIC   0522 /* demand paged text segments */

Definition at line 28 of file apollo.h.

#define MC68KROMAGIC   0521 /* readonly shareable text segments */

Definition at line 27 of file apollo.h.

#define MC68KWRMAGIC   0520 /* writeable text segments */

Definition at line 25 of file apollo.h.

#define MC68MAGIC   0520

Definition at line 24 of file apollo.h.

#define MC68TVMAGIC   0521

Definition at line 26 of file apollo.h.

#define OMAGIC   M68MAGIC

Definition at line 37 of file apollo.h.

#define RELOC   struct external_reloc

Definition at line 99 of file apollo.h.

#define RELSZ   10

Definition at line 104 of file apollo.h.

#define s_offset   (section_name.s_name+4)

Definition at line 71 of file apollo.h.

#define s_zeroes   section_name.s_name

Definition at line 70 of file apollo.h.

0x20000000    /* No section data per se (s_scnptr = 0), but there are
                                             initialization directives for it in .rwdi section
                                             (used in conjunction with STYP_BSS) */

Definition at line 119 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_DEBUG   0x00020000 /* debug section */

Definition at line 110 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_INSTALLED   0x02000000 /* Section should be installable in KGT */

Definition at line 115 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_INSTRUCTION   0x00200000 /* Section contains executable code */

Definition at line 112 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_LOOK_INSTALLED   0x04000000 /* Look for section in KGT */

Definition at line 116 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_OVERLAY   0x00040000 /* Section is overlayed */

Definition at line 111 of file apollo.h.

0x00010000    /* Section is relocated normally during linking, but need
                                                    not be loaded during program execution */

Definition at line 109 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_SECALIGN1   0x08000000 /* Specially aligned section */

Definition at line 117 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_SECALIGN2   0x10000000 /* " " " */

Definition at line 118 of file apollo.h.

#define STYP_ZERO   0x00800000 /* Section is initialized to zero */

Definition at line 114 of file apollo.h.