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awl  0.53

A Class for handling iCalendar data. When parsed the underlying structure is roughly as follows:

iCalendar( array(iCalComponent), array(iCalProp) )

each iCalComponent is similarly structured:

iCalComponent( array(iCalComponent), array(iCalProp) )

Once parsed, $ical->component will point to the wrapping VCALENDAR component of the iCalendar. This will be fine for simple iCalendar usage as sampled below, but more complex iCalendar such as a VEVENT with RRULE which has repeat overrides will need quite a bit more thought to process correctly.

To create a new iCalendar from several data values: $ical = new iCalendar( array('DTSTART' => $dtstart, 'SUMMARY' => $summary, 'DURATION' => $duration ) );