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avfs  1.0.1
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00001 /*
00002     AVFS: A Virtual File System Library
00003     Copyright (C) 1998-2001  Miklos Szeredi <>
00005     This program can be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
00006     See the file COPYING.
00007 */
00008 #include "avfs.h"
00010 int        av_open(ventry *ve, int flags, avmode_t mode, vfile **retp);
00011 int        av_close(vfile *vf);
00012 avssize_t  av_read(vfile *vf, char *buf, avsize_t nbyte);
00013 avssize_t  av_write(vfile *vf, const char *buf, avsize_t nbyte);
00014 avssize_t  av_pread(vfile *vf, char *buf, avsize_t nbyte,  avoff_t offset);
00015 avssize_t  av_pwrite(vfile *vf, const char *buf, avsize_t nbyte,
00016                        avoff_t offset);
00017 avoff_t    av_lseek(vfile *vf, avoff_t offset, int whence);
00018 int        av_ftruncate(vfile *vf, avoff_t length);
00019 int        av_getattr(ventry *ve, struct avstat *buf, int attrmask, int flags);
00020 int        av_fgetattr(vfile *vf, struct avstat *buf, int attrmask);
00021 int        av_fsetattr(vfile *vf, struct avstat *buf, int attrmask);
00022 int        av_access(ventry *ve, int amode);
00023 int        av_readlink(ventry *ve, char **bufp);
00024 int        av_unlink(ventry *ve);
00025 int        av_rmdir(ventry *ve);
00026 int        av_mkdir(ventry *ve, avmode_t mode);
00027 int        av_mknod(ventry *ve, avmode_t mode, avdev_t dev);
00028 int        av_symlink(const char *path, ventry *newve);
00029 int        av_rename(ventry *ve, ventry *newve);
00030 int        av_link(ventry *ve, ventry *newve);