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http_private.h File Reference
#include "http_auth.h"
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struct  host_info
struct  header_handler
struct  body_reader
struct  hook
struct  hook_request
struct  http_session_s
struct  http_req_s
struct  http_req_s::http_response


#define HAVE_HOOK(st, func)   (st->hook->hooks->func != NULL)
#define HOOK_FUNC(st, func)   (*st->hook->hooks->func)
#define HH_HASHSIZE   53


enum  request_body { body_buffer, body_stream, body_none }

Class Documentation

struct host_info

Definition at line 30 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for host_info:
Class Members
http_auth_session auth
http_request_auth auth_callback
void * auth_userdata
char * hostname
char * hostport
int port
struct header_handler

Definition at line 48 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for header_handler:
Class Members
http_header_handler handler
char * name
struct header_handler * next
void * userdata
struct body_reader

Definition at line 57 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for body_reader:
Class Members
http_accept_response accept_response
http_block_reader handler
struct body_reader * next
unsigned int use:1
void * userdata
struct hook

Definition at line 66 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for hook:
Class Members
const http_request_hooks * hooks
struct hook * next
void * private
struct hook_request

Definition at line 74 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for hook_request:
Class Members
void * cookie
struct hook * hook
struct hook_request * next
struct http_session_s

Definition at line 84 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for http_session_s:
Class Members
unsigned int accept_secure_upgrade:1
unsigned int connected:2
char error
int expect100_works:2
unsigned int have_proxy:1
struct hook * hooks
unsigned int in_connect:1
char * location
unsigned int no_persist:1
http_use_proxy proxy_decider
void * proxy_decider_udata
unsigned int request_secure_upgrade:1
nsocket * socket
nssl_context * ssl_context
unsigned int use_secure:1
char * user_agent
int version_major
int version_minor
struct http_req_s

Definition at line 129 of file http_private.h.

Collaboration diagram for http_req_s:
Class Members
char * abs_path
request_body body
const char * body_buffer
struct body_reader * body_readers
size_t body_size
FILE * body_stream
unsigned int can_persist:1
unsigned int forced_close:1
struct header_handler * header_catchers
struct header_handler * header_handlers
sbuffer headers
struct hook_request * hook_store
const char * method
unsigned int method_is_head:1
struct http_response resp
http_session * session
http_status status
unsigned int upgrade_to_tls:1
char * uri
unsigned int use_expect100:1
unsigned int use_proxy:1
struct http_req_s::http_response

Definition at line 144 of file http_private.h.

Class Members
long int chunk_left
unsigned int is_chunked
int left
int length

Define Documentation

#define HAVE_HOOK (   st,
)    (st->hook->hooks->func != NULL)

Definition at line 80 of file http_private.h.

#define HH_HASHSIZE   53

Definition at line 162 of file http_private.h.

#define HOOK_FUNC (   st,
)    (*st->hook->hooks->func)

Definition at line 81 of file http_private.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 41 of file http_private.h.