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avfs  1.0.1
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archint.h File Reference
#include "archive.h"
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struct  archive
struct  archent


#define ARCHF_READY   (1 << 0)


struct archnodeav_arch_default_dir (struct archive *arch, struct entry *ent)

Class Documentation

struct archive

Definition at line 13 of file archint.h.

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Class Members
struct avfs * avfs
vfile * basefile
int flags
avmutex lock
struct namespace * ns
unsigned int numread
struct archent

Definition at line 23 of file archint.h.

Collaboration diagram for archent:
Class Members
struct archive * arch
struct entry * ent

Define Documentation

#define ARCHF_READY   (1 << 0)

Definition at line 11 of file archint.h.

Function Documentation

struct archnode* av_arch_default_dir ( struct archive arch,
struct entry ent 
) [read]

Definition at line 84 of file archutil.c.

    struct archnode *nod;
    avmode_t mode;

    nod = av_arch_new_node(arch, ent, 1);

    mode = (arch->st.mode & 0777) | AV_IFDIR;
    if (mode & 0400) mode |= 0100;
    if (mode & 0040) mode |= 0010;
    if (mode & 0004) mode |= 0001;

    nod->st.mode = mode;
    nod->flags |= ANOF_AUTODIR;

    return nod;

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