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apport  2.4
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source_apport Namespace Reference


def add_info


string APPORT_LOG = '/var/log/apport.log'

Detailed Description

Apport package hook for apport itself.

This adds /var/log/apport.log and the file listing in /var/crash to the report.

Function Documentation

def source_apport.add_info (   report)

Definition at line 15 of file

00016 def add_info(report):
00017     apport.hookutils.attach_file_if_exists(report, APPORT_LOG, 'ApportLog')
00018     reports = glob('/var/crash/*')
00019     if reports:
00020         report['CrashReports'] = apport.hookutils.command_output(
00021             ['stat', '-c', '%a:%u:%g:%s:%y:%x:%n'] + reports)

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Variable Documentation

string source_apport.APPORT_LOG = '/var/log/apport.log'

Definition at line 9 of file